Building a Protected Bike & Walkway on Peoples Ave

Sometimes, you just dive in and build Complete Streets yourself.

That’s what the Edgewood Park Neighborhood Association did on Peoples Avenue, a long-time sight of illegal speeding and dumping. With a brand new, temporary mixed-use protected bike and walkway, Peoples Avenue is slowing the speed and providing designated space for people biking and walking, where before there was none (sidewalk included).

We have photos of volunteers building the bike and walkway, but first we wanted to ask if you would sign our petition supporting Complete Streets in the 7th Ward, Treme, Mid-City, & Gentilly to demonstrate that the community wants more safety and less stress on our streets?

Now, here are those pictures:

Here’s what Orville Lowery, member of the Edgewood Park Neighborhood Association, had to say about the new project on Peoples Avenue:

“We’re trying to make the neighborhood more easily bike accessible, plus easing up some of the traffic problems we’re having on this portion of Peoples Street. We’re trying to do it as a community effort and project to help the neighborhood.”

With folks like Orville, the Edgewood Park Neighborhood Association, and the entire movement for Complete Streets in New Orleans, we can bring about infrastructure improvements like protected bikeways, improved signage, and accessible walking paths to the entire city

Will you help keep up our movement’s momentum by signing our petition supporting Complete Streets in the 7th Ward, Treme, Mid-City & Gentilly today?