Benefits of Complete Streets

Streets built to share mean more safety and less stress, more control and less confusion.

Streets built to safe and accessible with protected bike lanes and traffic calming help reduce dangerous and illegal speeding, making our neighborhoods safer and more livable for everyone.

Good street infrastructure doesn’t leave people driving, biking, or walking to navigate incomplete connections that force everyone into unsafe and confusing situations. Everyone can get where they are going with the greatest safety and the least amount of hassle because the traffic flow needs of all are met through careful planning and smart construction.

Improved bike infrastructure in tandem with increasing public transit and walking accessibility ensures everyone has access to safe modes of transportation in the greater New Orleans area.

Creating transportation options, including bicycling and transit improvements, is good for New Orleans’ businesses and workers. 

Increasing safe and accessible transportation options can help our region make progress on the big issues we’re facing – public health, equity, job access & economic development, and quality-of-life!

We can all have peace on the road – and more livable communities – when we all have a piece of the road.

Detailed Resources

Members of the New Orleans Complete Streets Coalition and others have compiled detailed information about the health, economic, environmental, and quality-of-life benefits of streets built to share as well as evidence of strong public support. Just follow the links below the image.

Latest Complete Streets Updates

Our City Council Candidate Forum is on for Oct 19th at the Broadside

This coming Tuesday we hope you’ll join us for a special evening in the open air to hear from New Orleans’ next City Councilmembers about their priorities on the issues surrounding our infrastructure, transportation systems, and everything Complete Streets! RSVP and submit your questions here! Make sure the next City…

The Neighborhood Resource Page for Moving New Orleans Bikes – Downtown

We’re going downtown! The New Orleans downtown area, comprised of the Central Business District, French Quarter, and Marigny, is our major job center, arts & cultural center, and regional transportation hub. That’s why we’re so excited for the Complete Streets improvements ‘Moving New Orleans Bikes’ will soon be bringing to key corridors downtown. Protected bikeways, improved…