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    February 2 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
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    February 4 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

If you’re an everyday driver, but concerned when walking across a high-volume, high-speed, multi-lane road — you need Complete Streets. If you ride the bus to work, but wouldn’t mind shortening your commute by 10-15 minutes — you need Complete Streets. If you bike for health and recreation, but are concerned when cars and trucks pass a little too close for comfort — you need Complete Streets. And you have a role to play!

Complete Streets are designed with people in mind. After all, we’re not defined by how we move around. A car, a bus, a bike — those are what we use, not who we are. Public roadways should be made safe and sustainable for all the people who use them.

Sign up for NOCSC updates to show your support for safe & accessible streets. You’ll get updates on ways to get involved in the campaign as well as information about street projects coming to your neighborhood!

Volunteer with the campaignJoin us on a neighborhood canvass or at a local event or sign up to make calls, data entry, or sign up as a social media ambassador.

Sign up to get a Yard Sign or Bumper StickerHelp us show that you and your family support more safety and less stress on N.O. streets. With social distancing we can’t go door-to-door, but we can show our support for better mobility household-by-household. And car by car. And they’re FREE!

Apply for a Community Activation Mini-Grant – Develop an event or project that builds grassroots support for safe and accessible streets and highlights the benefits of the City’s expanded low-stress bikeway network.

There are many ways to get involved with this campaign from volunteering to make calls, to speaking up in support of Complete Streets at a public meeting, to working with our staff at events across New Orleans, to putting together your own project to make streets in your area safe and accessible or putting on an event of your own to get people involved. Take your pick!

Have your organization/business join the Coalition in 1 of 2 ways:

Become a Member Organization and take part in campaign strategy, targeted outreach, and participate in decision-making. Join regularly scheduled meetings/calls, with additional gatherings scheduled as needed.

Sign on in Support and agree to appear in Coalition messaging as official supporters of the campaign.

Connecting customers to local businesses

‘Complete Streets’ design has shown benefits to businesses and consumers alike. Beyond increased property values and increased safety and wellness, real-world findings illustrate the benefits walking and biking infrastructure can bring to businesses. While a myth persists that transitioning from a car-focused street design will deter customers, commercial corridors have found otherwise:

-Barracks Row in Washington D.C. attracted 40 new businesses and nearly 200 new jobs due to increased foot traffic and sales.

-Pearl Street in Brooklyn increased sales volume by 172% by converting a parking lot into a public park.

-Supporting these findings, a study in Toronto found that customers who arrive by walking or biking visit stores the most and spend more per month than customers that arrive by car.

Faith Communities

NOCSC is eager to engage in dialogue with churches and communities of faith to share information and inspire members to take action for continued community improvement. In New Orleans, residents travel all over town to join services and community events. Along the way and in our neighborhoods we encounter mobility challenges such as crumbling sidewalks, flooded streets, bus stops with no shelter, as well as conflicts between people biking and people driving.

Complete Streets and Mayor Cantrell’s Moving New Orleans Bikes initiative are designed to meet these challenges head-on by providing safety and access to all people regardless of their age, physical ability, or mode of transportation. Streets designed for all people and all travel are also designed to improve the capture of stormwater to reduce flash flooding.

Engage your community about the benefits of Complete Streets by sharing NOCSC sponsored information online or on-site,  sponsor a community walk or ride for your staff, or apply for an Activation Mini-Grant

More information regarding membership and support can be found in the NOCSC membership agreement. The NOCSC is led by an executive committee of the American Heart Association of New Orleans, Bike Easy, GirlTrek New Orleans, and Ride New Orleans. Every member adds to the campaign’s direction with the coalition striving for consensus in all campaign-related decisions.