Coalition History

From 2010 – 2015, the Sustainable Transportation Advisory Committee (STAC) worked to provide technical and community input to the City Council of New Orleans for decisions pertaining to transportation. With the help of STAC, the New Orleans City Council passed a Complete Streets ordinance in 2011. STAC continued working on a number of issues, including transit improvements, autonomous vehicle research, car share policy, bike and walk safety planning, and more.

In 2016, members from STAC reconstituted as a new group, the New Orleans Complete Streets Coalition, to support implementation of an updated Complete Streets Policy for New Orleans. Based on national best practices and the unique context and history of New Orleans, these organizations, ranging from advocates for healthcare policy, transportation, to neighborhood associations, sports and youth clubs, focused on the need for data-driven, equity-focused, and an accountable approach for creating safe, accessible, sustainable streets in New Orleans. The Coalition has continued to grow.

As of the start of 2021, the Coalition has been able to celebrate an official update to the City’s Complete Street policy and program. After pushing for a data-driven and equity-focused policy to improve the life and well-being of all New Orleanians on our streets, we are honored and gratified to participate as a community representative in the City’s Complete Streets Policy Working Group. The group’s first meeting took place in May of  2021, and plans to meet quarterly.

The Coalition is looking to maintain momentum and work hard to support effective implementation of the Complete Streets Program and other initiatives that will help reorganize our roadways to provide safe transportation options for all, to help us live with water, and to create public spaces that promote a high quality-of-life.

Let’s move forward, together!

If you’re in a local club or association, a sports league, a congregation, own or operate a business please consider joining the New Orleans Complete Streets Coalition today.