NOCSC’s Activation Mini-Grant – Frequently Asked Questions

The deadline to apply for our NOCSC Mini-Grant is coming up soon. The application and overall process is simple, easy, and direct as this is meant to be a fun way for community members to get involved and active on our city streets. Still, make sure to set your clock well ahead of Wednesday, July 1st, when applications are due.

NOCSC’s mini-grant selection committee — consisting of Bike Easy, GirlTrek New Orleans, American Heart Association – New Orleans, and Algiers Economic Development Foundation — will be accepting two cohorts of applicants. The first deadline is July 1st, with these applicants to be notified by August 1st, and expected to complete their project between August 1st and October 31st.

A second round of applications will be due September 1st, and will be notified about their selection by October 1st. Selected recipients will be expected to complete their projects between October 1st and December 31st.

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Who’s eligible? 

We are looking for community leaders, civic groups, artists, entrepreneurs, congregations, and neighborhood residents based in New Orleans. Essentially, we’re looking for anyone with a good idea that can put it into action, whether that’s an organization, business, or individual.

What kind of projects are you looking for? 

We’re looking to encourage people to be active on newly improved New Orleans streets, particularly the city’s newly constructed low-stress bike networks. Projects should be feasible to complete in a short time period and with a limited budget. These projects can be temporary installations, producing informational content, neighborhood organizing, walking/biking tours and more! We are open to any and all good ideas that are feasible and pertinent. (You can check our social media for examples of project ideas)

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we are unable to fund events that will place more than 10 people indoors at one time or large outdoor events at least through the fall months. If you are interested in hosting a social event as a part of your activation, we ask you to wait until our second round to see if physical distancing measures have eased.

When does my project have to take place? 

Recipients will have three months to complete their projects. These projects can last a single day, or the full time period. The NOCSC Mini-Grant will accept two cohorts of applicants. First round applicants will be expected to complete their project between August 1st and October 31st; Round Two will be between October 1st and December 31st.

What can I use the money for?

Funding can be used for all costs associated with delivering a successful project and realistic to the scope of this project. Equipment and other costs should be reflective of the project’s duration, rather than the cost of the item overall.

What does it mean that “the selection committee does reserve the right to award amended budgets”?

Because of the limited funding for these projects, the selection committee reserves the right to accept an application with an amended budget. This means the selection committee may accept an application while granting fewer funds than what the applicant has requested. The intention for this program is to empower our residents. Therefore, the selection committee will try their best to honor the original budgets. We do ask that applicants be as realistic as possible with what they need so that we can fund as many projects as possible.

Who is on the Selection Committee?

The Selection Committee is made up of four New Orleans Complete Street Coalition member representatives. These organizations are Bike Easy, American Heart Association, GirlTrek, and Algiers Economic Development Foundation. These member organizations are not eligible to apply for this mini-grant opportunity.

Do Complete Street Coalition Members or Supporters get special preference?

No, coalition members and supporters do not get special preference. However, as members/supporters, they have likely demonstrated a strong commitment to Complete Streets and have programming that fits well with this current grant opportunity.