Why Angela Got a Yard Sign

We want to introduce you to Angela Chalk, a life-long resident and leader in the historic 7th Ward, who is proud to stand up in support of better walking, biking, and transit infrastructure on New Orleans streets.

When we dropped off her yard sign, we asked her why she wanted to show support for more safety and less stress on New Orleans streets:

“Because fewer cars on the streets means less emissions. The more people riding bikes the better it is for our atmosphere, as well as creating a positive impact on our community health, the rate of hypertension, etc.

People need to remember that African-American communities are the most affected by climate change. Green infrastructure, which is an absolutely critical element of Complete Streets reduces the affects and harm of climate change.

Lastly, I would really like to see AP Tureaud become a true connector between St. Bernard Avenue, Broad Street, and Florida Avenue. The 7th Ward is a historic neighborhood that connects so many people, lifelong residents like me, working people, to other neighborhoods in Gentilly, the Desire, and the East. Avenues like AP Tureaud could serve that role for everyone, drivers, walkers, bikers, while doing more to fight against flooding.”

In her role as the chief organizer for Water Wise in the 7th Ward, Angela has been instrumental to bringing dozens of stormwater mitigation installations to the neighborhood. Below she shows us permeable pavers, which allow stormwater to be held before filtering down to the water table.

Side note – The New Orleans City Council just passed an ordinance requiring the use of permeable pavement, a victory for Water Wise, Complete Streets, and all of New Orleans!

Angela is an incredible leader in her community, and we’re proud to see her yard sign advocating for more safety and less stress on New Orleans streets.

We know it can feel like a big commitment to put a yard sign in front your home, and that makes sense. But, if we’re going to get more safety and less stress on our streets then we need to show that there’s widespread, grassroots support for Complete Streets.

Will you join Angela and supporters across New Orleans in getting a yard sign today? It’s free and we’ll drop it off at your home so it’s no hassle to you at all.

As Angela said, “We’re already here doing the work. Let’s keep it going, working together!”

Thank you, Angela.