Help Build #CompleteStreets: Attend ‘Moving New Orleans Bikes’ City-Hosted Teleconference

On Thursday April 16th at 6pm, the City of New Orleans is hosting a pre-construction Teleconference to discuss the continued expansion of the bikeway network in Algiers. Click here to RSVP

You may have seen the photos of the newly improved Garden Oaks Drive in Algiers (if not, scroll your eyes about 6 inches down and to the right). There are protected bike lanes, accessible curb ramps, new sidewalks, high-visibility crosswalks, and more. With these improvements,  Garden Oaks is safer and less stressful for everyone who uses it to walk, bike, drive and ride public transit. 

But how did this complete street actually become reality? What was the process for getting the City to invest in making our streets safe and accessible for everyone?

Today, I want to tell you part of that story and where you come in because this story is still unfolding, and you have a big role to play in the next chapter. 

Throughout 2019,  the City held public input meetings to plan for the improvement of  the existing bikeway network. Residents came out to discuss what they wanted from an improved network of bike lanes and pedestrian improvements.  In August, the City presented a draft of the bikeway network map that incorporated input from the previous meetings. We gathered once again and gave more feedback so the city could start some initial construction.  After more design work and planning, the rapid-build construction of the Moving New Orleans low-stress bikeway network is off and running in Algiers, having begun on Garden Oaks Drive.

Even in the face of COVID-19, the City of New Orleans is still committed to moving forward with infrastructure improvements. As Moving New Orleans Bikes and other roadway improvements roll out over the coming weeks and months, for the safety of everyone, the City is moving its pre-construction meetings to teleconference, including this coming Thursday, April 16th at 6pm, for the upcoming corridors to receive biking, walking, and transit improvements in Algiers as part of Moving New Orleans Bikes . 

Click here to RSVP for the pre-construction teleconference on Thursday, April 16th at 6pm.

One reason we were able to successfully improve Garden Oaks Drive is because there was high community engagement in public meetings. To keep up this momentum for building complete streets in Greater New Orleans, we once again need the community to show up for this teleconference so we can keep building complete streets in our city. 

The meeting will cover improvements on the following three corridors:

  • Lawrence Street (Hendee to Odeon): Shared use path through Behrman Park and Bike boulevard
  • Newton Street (Brooklyn to Behrman): Protected bike lanes and bike boulevard
  • Mardi Gras Boulevard/Florence (LB Landry to Behrman Hwy): Two-way protected bike lane

If we want to see improvements  like we did on Garden Oaks Drive, we need to show up and speak up. In the midst of this pandemic, we can’t attend a community meeting like we normally would, but we can attend this teleconference. And if we want more complete streets in our city, we must.

Click here to RSVP for the City’s pre-construction teleconference on Thursday April 16th at 6pm.