We’re proud to award these 10 Complete Streets Activation Mini-Grants

After reviewing many wonderful applications, we’re proud to announce that we’ve awarded 10 Complete Streets Activation Mini-Grants for a total of $7,500

These activations range from giving away free bike lights so people can bike at night safely, to giving discounts to people walking, driving, or taking public transit to the farmers market, and providing free classes on various uses of public space.

If you or someone you know has an idea for activating our streets, but didn’t get a chance to apply this round, we’re opening a second round of applications on August 15th. Click here to view our Complete Streets Mini-Grant application.

We know that without people streets are just long lines of asphalt. In fact, the reason we advocate for street infrastructure is to bring more safety and less stress for people using our streets.

So while we’re proud of the bike lanes, expanded sidewalks, high-visibility crosswalks and other street improvements the City is investing in, our ultimate goal is ensuring these improvements improve lives, not just asphalt.

With these Complete Streets Activation Mini-Grants, we’re bringing people onto the streets so they can enjoy the 75 miles of low-stress bikeways that the City is building through the Moving New Orleans Bikes Plan.

Look out for updates on how every project is going over the coming months in our emails and social media. Do you or someone you know have a great idea for engaging people on upcoming street improvements in New Orleans, the application for Round Two opens on August 15th!