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Vote in the upcoming election! Early voting is November 2 – 9, and election day is November 16th! Citizens of New Orleans have an important opportunity to make our voices heard regarding infrastructure funding and protecting our most vulnerable residents. Ballot measures include:

  • Infrastructure Bond – This provides the city more funding for road repairs, complete streets, and stormwater management without increasing taxes! It also allows the city to use some of the funds to build affordable housing. Complete streets and the low-stress bikeway network are a part of the city’s overall infrastructure improvements. These dollars can also be leveraged to add complete streets features to FEMA-funded repair projects. This funding is also key to improving safety and accessibility on our streets.
  • Maintenance Fund Millage – This measure creates a dedicated maintenance fund for infrastructure for the first time in New Orleans. The lack of maintenance funds ends up costing us more in the long-run, and it is now threatening further federal investment to support new infrastructure. The measure reinstates and reallocates a recent 3-mill property tax reduction in order to provide approximately $12 million for on-going street, drainage, and public building maintenance. These funds can support efforts like bike lane bollard replacement, sidewalk repairs, crosswalk restriping, and keeping bike lanes clean and clear of debris.
  • Short-Term Rental Tax – This measure is part of the overall #fairshare agreement negotiated by Mayor Cantrell, the state, and business leaders, and it ensure visitors that stay in short-term rentals pay the same local taxes as those who stay in hotels. This will ensure visitors, who benefit from and need city services, help contribute to infrastructure improvements, including safety and accessibility improvements.
  • Human Rights Commission Charter Amendment – This measure creates a Human Rights Commission in the City Charter that can help strengthen and enforce anti-discrimination laws.

Become a Member or Supporter of the New Orleans Complete Streets Coalition!

Public Input Needed

Give your input to New Links: Reimagine Our Transit Network project being conducted by the Regional Planning Commission and the Regional Transit Authority to improve the region’s public transit system.

Participate in Moving New Orleans Bikes, part of the City of New Orleans’ overall Moving New Orleans transportation strategy, to help create a collective vision for a network of connected and protected bikeways.

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