Why We Need to Keep Speaking Out for Complete Streets

One thing is certain: we are making our voices heard.

At the City’s first session of the new Complete Streets Policy Working Group, there were 177 public comments! Thank you to everyone who submitted a comment supporting the Moving New Orleans Bikes plan to build 75 miles of Complete Streets in New Orleans this year. We’ve heard back from officials and members of our coalition who attended and they were clearly impressed.

Since submitting public comments worked so well, we want to take it one step further. Will you email the City of New Orleans’ Office of Transportation, at movingneworleans@nola.gov, and let them know why you’re excited for protected bikeways, ADA accessible curb ramps, improved signage and crosswalks, and more Complete Streets infrastructure to come to your neighborhood? 

CC us at info@nolacompletestreets.org so we can keep a record and thank you for your support.

Here’s a template you can fill in and drop into your email:

Hello to the Moving New Orleans team,

My name is _______ and I live in the ______ neighborhood. I support Moving New Orleans Bikes because I believe Complete Streets infrastructure like protected bikeways, new walkways, ADA ramps, green infrastructure. and more will bring more safety and less stress to my community.

I’m excited because [they will make my commute to work easier/I’ll be able to easily access a nearby grocery store/they will make the streets safer for my children to use/FILL IN YOUR OWN STORY].

The improvements so far on Elysian Fields, N. Galvez, and throughout Algiers are great and will save lives, and I want to thank everyone on your team for improving our streets for everyone. I’m very excited to see these improvements come to my community and hope it can happen sooner than later. 

Have a great day!



We need to ensure people at the City hear from the community, know how excited we are for the benefits we know Complete Streets and Moving New Orleans Bikes will provide, and that they understand why this matters to us. Email the City’s Office of Transportation today at movingneworleans@nola.gov and let them know that our movement has their back.