Why Kelly volunteers for complete streets

It takes a movement to bring about the change we want to see for all of New Orleans – safe, accessible, and sustainable streets empowering each of us to move about freely in a healthier community for years to come.

At the New Orleans Complete Streets Coalition, our campaign is about building that movement every day. And with street safety improvements finishing up on the West Bank, now underway in the Marigny, and set to begin in the CBD and 7th Ward, we’re focusing on expanding the movement. One thing we’ve learned is that no matter how many organizations join our coalition, we will always need people to power our movement.

If you’re ready to volunteer and power the movement for more safety and less stress on New Orleans streets, then click here to get involved today.

It’s the people of New Orleans who know best how their streets should look, and know best how to talk to their neighbors about the importance of more safety and less stress on our streets. That’s why I want to share with you this testimony from Kelly, one of our longtime volunteers:

I became a volunteer for Bike Easy and the New Orleans Complete Streets Coalition because biking was my main form of transportation and I wanted to see better infrastructure for cyclists in New Orleans. Biking is good for your body, your mental health, the environment, and your pocketbook; what’s not to like? The danger of unsafe roads is my only answer. 

I helped to install, test, and take down Bike Easy’s Connect the Crescent pop-up demonstration for what complete streets could look like. I enjoyed calling people and canvassing in neighborhoods to spread the word about the good work we were doing.

These days I do social media worK to educate New Orleanians about the Complete Streets that have been and will be built with Mayor Cantrell’s support. I’ve enjoyed getting to know members of the community and being a part of huge positive change in New Orleans. 

As you can tell from Kelly’s experience, there are many ways to plug in to the movement for complete streets in New Orleans. Click here to find the right volunteer role for you.

The more people in our movement, the more power we have to demand street safety improvements in New Orleans. Whether you ride a bike, walk, drive, or take public transit, we need you in the fight for more safety and less stress on our streets.

Let’s keep this movement rolling strong!