The Neighborhood Resource Page for Moving New Orleans Bikes – Downtown

We’re going downtown!

The New Orleans downtown area, comprised of the Central Business District, French Quarter, and Marigny, is our major job center, arts & cultural center, and regional transportation hub. That’s why we’re so excited for the Complete Streets improvements ‘Moving New Orleans Bikes’ will soon be bringing to key corridors downtown.

Protected bikeways, improved walkways, and more efficient transit are on their way. Before plans and designs move into construction, we want to make sure you have all the information about the planned infrastructure improvements we’re expecting to see later this year.

Check out our brand new neighborhood resource page for Moving New Orleans Bikes – Downtown.

The song goes, ‘everything’s great when you’re downtown’, but right now that isn’t totally accurate for New Orleans. The many people who bike to work downtown, or bike there for school, fun, or just to stretch your legs, find streets without adequate bike safety infrastructure.

Crucially, Moving New Orleans Bikes will build protected bikeways on Baronne Street and O’Keefe Avenue, creating absolutely critical connections for safe biking between Uptown and downtown destinations.

Make sure to check out our explainers for the planned improvements coming to each street, as well as testimonies from workers and business operators located Downtown.

Learn how the ‘Moving New Orleans Bikes’ initiative is bringing more safety and less stress to Downtown by checking out our new neighborhood resource page here.

We’ll keep updating the page as Moving New Orleans Bikes progresses, so make sure to check back.