The Family Bike Ride in Algiers

The Aurora West Civic Association hosted a Family Bike Ride for residents of Aurora West and our neighboring neighborhoods on September 5, 2020 in Algiers, La. This fun-filled event included a bike education class, snacks, information about the coming safety improvements on Holiday Dr. and MacArthur Blvd., and a music-filled 45 minute bike ride through Aurora West. The purpose for our bike ride was to bring attention to the need for safer and less stressful streets in the city of New Orleans for bicyclists. Participants between six- and sixty-years-old joined us on our mission. Parents and their children filled the streets making a profound statement to the community. A total of thirty-five bike riders were in attendance.

As we rode down the streets, residents waved and smiled. Cars quickly yielded to our presence. That bit of acknowledgement proved that we were achieving our goal. Through the efforts of our bicyclist, we were able to show how many people in our area enjoy bike riding and how necessary designated bike lanes on roads are. Also, it confirms that more bike trails in our area would (without a doubt) be utilized. The youth who joined us were learning a new means of travel and for that purpose we want to make certain that the roads in New Orleans moving forward are equally safe for all commuters.

Lastly, with the help of the New Orlean Complete Street Activation Mini Grant, we were able to place yard signs throughout Algiers and pass out flyers to 100 households, provide snacks and hire a photographer. Those funds made all the difference with planning and execution of this event. Without the Complete Streets Coalition team and their efforts to lead the pack, we may not have thought that any of this would be possible. 
 ** This post was written by Angela Baldwin of the Aurora West Civic Association**