The benefits of connected, active and safe Algiers streets

More streets in Algiers are becoming safe for families to bike, easier to cross for seniors out for a walk, children getting off the bus, and less dangerous for anyone to drive.

The City is currently installing it’s first-ever intersection of protected bike lanes at Holiday Drive and MacArthur Boulevard, in what will be a hub of a new ‘low-stress’ bikeway network for Algiers and Westbank neighborhoods. One-way, parking-protected bike lanes will connect residents to nearby parks, shopping areas, schools, a newly extended Mississippi River trail, ferry terminals, friends in other neighborhoods, bars and restaurants, jobs and opportunities.

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In recent days we’ve heard some concerns, especially about the new bike lanes increasing traffic. While construction is ongoing, some traffic delays can be expected. That’s frustrating, but we expect traffic issues to ease, and hopefully improve, over the months and years ahead. After all, improving access to safe biking and walking provides more options for getting around. When more residents are able to bike to the park or the store, or kids to school, that means fewer cars on the road and traffic is lessened.

As a resident following the latest Complete Streets news, you understand this. That’s why you’ve been a part of this campaign for a while now. You understand how safe, affordable, healthy transportation options matter for your personal (and the broader community’s) quality of life. The good news is most of your neighbors understand as well. From a telephone poll of New Orleans residents in 2020 –

  • 80% support the Moving New Orleans plan to rapidly improve bicycling by creating completely connected networks of safe, dedicated bike lanes and trails throughout the city
  • 58% agree that “If there were safe bike lanes between my home and my favorite restaurant or store, I would sometimes ride my bike instead of driving.”
  • 73% support building protected bike lanes even if it means reducing one driving lane on some roads with multiple lanes [46% very willing (+19% from 2019)]

By this summer, because of Moving New Orleans Bikes, residents of every age and skill level will be able to enjoy safe, low-stress rides in Algiers from Cutoff to the Point, Walnut Bend to Tall Timbers, Old Algiers to Aurora Gardens. Every Algiers resident will have the new option of a low-stress commute by bike from their home to a job in the CBD or French Quarter, all on protected bikeways and bike/walk-friendly boulevards.

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Meaningful change is sometimes difficult to implement, but together we know safe, accessible, affordable mobility options bring real benefits to our communities, benefits that lead to more vibrant neighborhoods and healthier communities.