Official Statement from New Orleans Complete Streets Coalition Regarding Groundbreaking for Moving New Orleans Bikes

May 18, 2020

Media Contact:
Malana Joseph Mitchell

NEW ORLEANS – The New Orleans Complete Streets Coalition applauds the City of New Orleans in officially breaking ground on the rapid expansion of the low-stress bikeway network as part of Mayor Cantrell’s Moving New Orleans plan. While we are facing unprecedented times in our city, having equitable transportation options is integral to improving the overall health and well-being of all New Orleanians.

The New Orleans Complete Streets Coalition is pleased to continue supporting Mayor Cantrell’s Moving New Orleans Bikes initiative, which works to provide a protected and connected bikeway network throughout New Orleans that will result in job access, health benefits, reduced traffic congestion and overall improved quality of life for New Orleanians. Moving New Orleans Bikes is part of the Mayor’s larger Moving New Orleans plan that focuses on safety, equity, efficiency, and connectivity by improving all transportation options for our residents.

After over a year of thoughtful planning and community engagement, construction has begun in Algiers. Last spring and summer, residents from around the city participated in creating the city-wide bikeway blueprint, and residents in Algiers helped guide corridor designs in their neighborhoods. Last month, virtual pre-construction meetings were held with Algiers residents to discuss corridor details and how they fit into the city-wide bikeway network expansion effort. A total of 11 new bikeway corridors over 11 miles is expected to reach completion as a part of the Algiers rapid-build project.

New data from the University of New Orleans Transportation Institute has concluded that more and more people are biking than ever before. For instance, the Wisner Trail along City Park has experienced a 255% increase for all users since early March. As more people are discovering or, in some instances, rediscovering their joy of biking, having a protected bike lane network has become increasingly important.


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