New Protected Bikeways on N. Miro

As part of Mayor Cantrell’s ‘Moving New Orleans Bikes’ initiative, the City of New Orleans is reconfiguring N Miro Street in the 7th Ward to add a protected bike lane. This configuration will mirror N. Galvez Street (N. Miro’s parallel counterpart heading downriver), with parking on the left of the street, one lane of travel for motor vehicles, and a buffer lane with bollards protecting the bike lane on the right side of the street.

A sketch of infrastructure improvements coming to N. Miro

These improvements will bring more safety and less stress to anyone heading Upriver through the 7th Ward. Recently, bollards have been added to the N Galvez Street bike lane, allowing for physical separation for people on bike to go Downriver through the area.

Bike Easy joined the New Orleans Complete Streets Coalition to do canvassing on N Miro Street, knocking on each door, leaving materials, and talking with any resident available to talk. From the feedback, neighbors are largely very supportive of these changes. An average of 2.5 crashes are recorded on N Miro Street per week, according to the City, and residents said they see a lot more than that as the current street design results in cars regularly speeding down their street. With the design for their street being the same as N Galvez St (just a block away from Miro) they were able to envision what their new street will be looking like with these improvements.

Do you support infrastructure improvements like these that will bring more safety and less stress to the 7th Ward, Treme, Mid-City, and Gentilly? Click here to make sure City officials know that you want safe, connected bikeways in your community.

New protected bikeways on N. Galvez