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Newton Street protected bikeway in Old Algiers

Moving New Orleans Bikesis a city-wide vision for more than 600 miles of improved “low-stress” bikeways and walkways connecting every neighborhood in New Orleans, and is the leading Complete Streets initiative in Mayor Cantrell’s overall transportation plan, Moving New Orleans.

The first 75 miles of new protected bikeways, bike/walk boulevards, high-visibility crosswalks, bus stops and bus islands, and new and refurbished sidewalks are currently being built in Algiers and neighborhoods adjacent to downtown New Orleans, before expanding to other areas of the city.

Algiers is receiving the first 11 miles of low-stress bikeways of the Moving New Orleans Bikes initiative.

Running along 11 corridors, the protected network is connecting residents to local businesses, grocery stores, schools, as well as biking and nature trails throughout Algiers.

Click on any of the buttons to the left to learn more about how these street safety infrastructure improvements will bring more safety and less stress to Algiers’ streets.

Construction for Moving New Orleans Bikes in Algiers is currently in its final stages, around the intersection of Holiday Drive and MacArthur Blvd, one of New Orleans’ most frequent sites of harmful crashes. Between 2014 and 2018, at least 123 crashes occurred just at this intersection alone. Many of these crashes, especially the ones involving people walking and biking, are likely preventable with increased and better-designed street safety infrastructure.

By this summer, because of Moving New Orleans Bikes, residents of every age and skill level will be able to enjoy safe, low-stress rides from Cutoff to the Point, Walnut Bend to Tall Timbers, Old Algiers to Aurora Gardens. Every Algiers resident will have the new option of a low-stress commute by bike from their home to a job in the CBD or French Quarter, all on protected bikeways and bike/walk-friendly boulevards.

Will you sign our petition telling City officials you support Moving New Orleans Bikes, Complete Streets, and more safe and accessible mobility options in Algiers? While you do so, please leave a comment about how street safety improvements will benefit you and your community.

If you represent an organization and would like to have your organization sign on in support for Complete Streets, click here to support the New Orleans Complete Streets Coalition as an organization today. To see other organizations and businesses that have signed on in support of Complete Streets in Algiers, click here to scroll down to our supporter wall.

Complete Streets Before After

Lawrence Street

Lawrence Street After

Newton Street

Newton Street After

Behrman Park Trail

Behrman Park Trail After

Algiers street pics - Alan on Newton

I’ve been riding my whole life, but in the past we would have to skip that intersection [Holiday and MacArthur] because we’d seen too many accidents there, with people not looking.”

Alan Delery, Founder of Positive Impact/Uplift NOLA

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Algiers Organizations and Businesses Supporting Complete Streets

I can get to my job, the park, the levee trail and I don’t feel like I’m taking my life into my hands. That’s big.”

Adam and Ashley Lownik, Algiers Teachers

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Public Meetings

Mayor Cantrell Painting Some of Algiers' First New Bike Lanes
Mayor Cantrell Painting Some of Algiers’ First New Bike Lanes

To engage and inform the Algiers community, as well as gain feedback on the their plans for improving street safety, the City of New Orleans held public meetings on improvements coming to Upper and Lower Algiers.

The presentations contain detailed descriptions and diagrams of how the City if bringing more safety and less stress to streets in Algiers.

Click here to download the presentation for improvements in Upper Algiers.

Click here to download the presentation for improvements in Low Algiers.

For details on the City’s public meetings, visit their Moving New Orleans Bikes website.


Corridors and Fact Sheets


Angela Bruno Baldwin saw a need for more education about how to bike safely with her neighborhood Aurora West about to receive new bike lanes. That’s why she put together a community block party last September with information about Moving New Orleans Bikes along with a community ride. The purpose for the ride was to bring attention to the need for safer and less stressful streets. Participants from six years of age to sixty joined in. Parents alongside their children filled the streets with a total of thirty-five bike riders participating.

As they rode down the streets, residents waved and smiled. Cars yielded. That acknowledgement showed Angela and the all the local residents riding that they were seen and appreciated. They showed how many people in Algiers enjoy bike riding and how necessary designated bike lanes on roads are.

Especially for the kids who were learning a new means of travel, Angela wanted to make certain that streets in Algiers and New Orleans moving forward will be equally safe for all commuters.

Read more about Angela’s community ride here.