Does Your Favorite Local Business Know About the Benefits of Complete Streets?

What’s your favorite local business?

Whether it’s a donut shop, a clothing store, or a restaurant, they’ll benefit from the protected bikeways, high-visibility crosswalks, expanded sidewalks, and improved transit stops that are being built across New Orleans as part of Moving New Orleans Bikes. 

New safe and more accessible mobility options have been proven to boost neighborhood economies and local businesses across America. The same opportunity awaits businesses in and around New Orleans.

That’s why we’re holding our Benefits to Business – Virtual Breakfast Briefing this Wednesday, March 10th from 8 – 9:30am – Click here to RSVP!  We’ll provide information about the benefits of upcoming mobility improvements, as well as the latest on designs and construction schedules, a venue to speak with City officials, and tips and opportunities for your business to take advantage of better biking and mobility in New Orleans.

Can you send this blog to your favorite local business (maybe it’s your own business!) to let them know about this opportunity? 

Multiple studies have shown that street safety and accessibility infrastructure leads to better business.

Barracks Row in Washington D.C. attracted 40 new businesses and nearly 200 new jobs due to increased foot traffic and sales. Pearl Street in Brooklyn increased sales volume by 172% by converting a parking lot into a public park. Supporting these findings, a study in Toronto found that customers who arrive by foot and bicycle visit stores the most and spend more per month than customers that arrive by car.

When you think about it, more safety and less stress on our streets leads to more people walking and biking to local businesses, which means more people going into local businesses.

We want to make sure that local businesses are aware of these benefits and the unique opportunities that await them as the City of New Orleans continues building more Complete Streets. Will you send this to your favorite local business?

Click here to register for our Benefits to Business Virtual Breakfast Briefing on Wednesday, March 10th at 8am today!