Students phone bank for Complete Streets in Algiers

Algiers Economic Development Foundation joined the New Orleans Complete Streets Coalition because we know that having complete streets is key to a healthy local economy. The same can be said for higher education institutions. As late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan of New York once said, “to build a great city is to create a great university and wait 200 years.” That’s why AEDF is thrilled to continue to build our partnership with the University of Holy Cross, Algiers’ only four-year university.

University of Holy Cross is located on Woodland Drive, which is one of the 11 corridors that will see complete street improvements as a part of the City’s Moving New Orleans: Bikes initiative. Thus, we knew we needed to engage University of Holy Cross–students and faculty alike. Last month we partnered with UHC’s Omicron Delta Kappa chapter to phonebank for complete streets in Algiers. Not only did our diligent volunteers call over 230 residents to update them about the coming changes in the area, we were able to share the benefits of complete streets with the students. The proposed network of pedestrian and bikeways in Algiers will better connect UHC students to close-by amenities, as well as provide a safer and less stressful way for students to get around Algiers and across the river with or without a car.

Largely a commuter school, the University of Holy Cross just recently opened its first on-campus residents hall. As the university continues to grow, and attract students from around the state, region and country, we want to make sure there’s more safety and less stress for everyone getting around lower Algiers–UHC commuters, faculty, on-campus students, and lower Algiers residents alike. Plus, here at AEDF, we know the easier it is for UHC students, faculty, and staff to walk and bike to nearby stores, the more likely they are to support our local businesses. Now that’s a recipe for greatness in Algiers!